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Winning Powerball Australia

Our Winning Powerball book for Australia is a little different to most of the lotto books out there.

Why? Well, it includes up to date information on the Best Powerball Numbers.  Below is a Sample – BUT we update this Best Powerball Numbers table on a regular basis, so you always have up to date info.

Best Powerball Numbers - Sample

The latest Report covers the Best Powerball Numbers the week before the $40 Million Powerball Jackpot on Thursday 5 May 2016.  For the next few weeks, you can put a tick alongside each number to keep things up to date, which also gives you an insight into Trends of numbers being drawn.

If the Powerball Jackpot is won on 5 May 2016, it will be another 6 months before we produce a new report – UNLESS there is another major Powerball Jackpot before that 6 months is up.

There are TWO major differences in the way we help you.  First, once you have bought the book below, all updates are free; we do not try to sting you every single time we bring out a new Report.  Secondly, most websites – including the official ones – give you a SINGLE Best Powerball Numbers summary, usually for all of the draws involved.  the reality is that the Best Powerball Numbers vary from time to time – some numbers stay consistently good, others are inconsistent.  As you can see above, 5 is consistently good over 25 weeks (roughly 6 months), 50 weeks (roughly a year) and 100 weeks (roughly 2 years).  However, 6 and 4 appear good IF you look at them Long term (100 draws), yet fall away over 50 and/or 25 draws.

Finally, we list the numbers that have NOT been out in the last 10 draws – and Must-Know advice on HOW to play numbers not out in the last 10 draws!

BUT – the good news does not stop there.

We also give you a Powerball System that delivers 24 winning numbers (main) spread over 20 games, plus the Powerball itself.  This is child’s play and the Templates provided allow you to set up everything in under an hour:

Powerball System Templates


We also give you ADVICE on how we play Powerball. The book is intended mainly for INDIVIDUAL lotto players, but includes how to step up to a Powerball Syndicate, with specimen Syndicate forms and advice on how WE can set it all up for you!

Best Way To Play Powerball

The advice on “How does a 3-Time Lotto Winner play Powerball?” allows you to get inside the head of a lotto expert and learn Powerball Tips like this:

  1. ODDS & EVENS Keep a 50/50 balance. When you are playing the 8-number system, have 4-odd and 4-even in each set of 8.

We also share with you our “Lotto Qualifications” – you will not see too many of these online.  It is easy to get friends and relatives to give so called “testimonials” – instead we show you PROOF.

Our Lotto Qualifications

Here is what our Powerball book looks like, and the contents included:

Winning Powerball Book Cover

Ready to buy your Powerball Jackpot Report and significantly improve your odds of a win?

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Best Powerball Numbers

Please note that there is NO magic bullet. We can show you how to “Play Smart” with a highly organised and optimised entry, but no-one can promise you First Prize – or no lottery would ever jackpot! But, if you “Play smart” – Your “luck” suddenly improves!

Also note that it is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD, NOT a physical book.

Thank you for purchasing our Winning Powerball book – Good Luck!

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