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LottoLand – What’s It All About?

If you would like to know a little more about LottoLand, there are some informative articles online, eg – It’s in the fine print — why your lotto ticket is not what it seems:


Also, see the Sydney Morning Herald Lottoland Article

Online articles such as the above point out that:

You do not get a lotto ticket from LottoLand – you get an online bet that LottoLand pays out from an Insurance Company.

LottoLand is a Bookmaker head-quartered in Gibraltar.

Wins in lotteries like Mega Millions USA and Powerball USA can be paid as a Lump Sum or a 30-year Annuity.

The Jackpots advertised for lotteries like Mega Millions USA and Powerball USA seem to be far less if taken as a Lump sum.

You pay a significant Premium on the cost of, eg, a Powerball USA ticket as opposed to the cost of purchasing in the USA.

You may have to pay Tax on some winnings, eg, most USA Lottery winnings are taxable, and there may be other withholdings.

Other concerns are expressed at Inside Gambling, which states:

While it does not represent continuous gambling in the same way as pokies and casino games, Lottoland can increase gambling frequency, which has been shown to increase the risk of developing gambling problems over time.

Australia already has serious gambling problems; now you you have the opportunity to gamble not only on Australian lotteries, but also numerous overseas lottery games.

You can even get Specials on Lottoland at Groupon! In addition, Lottoland has an Affiliate Program, which is either an income opportunity or reason to ponder where the funds come from to pay affiliates.

While it is only really a problem for the Socially Aware, an issue related to the above is that Australian Lotteries help fund schools, hospitals, charities etc, while Lottoland is a private company committed to making profits (in Gibraltar!)

Taking a chance on legal issues? is an article from LawPath that focuses on the legal aspects surrounding Lottoland – It is interesting to note that at the time of writing this (Jan 2017), Australia’s traditional lottery company Tatts appears to be already involved in legal action against Lottoland.


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Perhaps the best advice we can give you is 


Study the website – especially the Terms and Conditions page so that you know EXACTLY what you are getting into.


Especially, read carefully the CORRECTIVE NOTICE on LottoLand’s own website – this effectively spells out that Lottoland is a Bookmaker and that you cannot buy lotto tickets from them.

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