Winning Lotto Books for all Lotteries Worldwide, including Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions etc

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We have been publishing lottery books for over 20 years.  During that time, we have won First Prize 3 times, plus small wins just about every month, and a handful of 5-figure second prizes.

Because we are based on the Gold Coast, Australia, we only accept email communications as the first point of contact- please email  Due to worldwide time differences, we are usually sleeping while the northern hemisphere wants to talk to us!

If you prefer to use a “Contact Us” form, please use the form below (Please note that email is the initial contact method – We have worldwide clients and I get grumpy if woken at 3am)

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Our winning lotto books include:

Winning Lottery Books for Pick 6 - Cover

Winning Lotto – Secrets The Experts don’t Want You To Know (created for for all 6 ball lotteries worldwide).  Covers colorado lotto, florida lotto, canadian 6-ball lotto games, georgia lotto, all 6-from-49 games, maryland lotto, new jersey lotto, new york lotto, ohio lotto, the United Kingdom lottery, virginia lotto,  washington lotto,  Austria 6-45, Australian Pools,  Australian Tattslotto, Australian Powerball, New Zealand Pick 6 lotto, Belgium 6-45, German 6-49, Greece 6-49, Hong Kong Pick 6, Singapore Pick 6  – ANY 6 ball lottery worldwide.

Includes proven Lotto Systems,  Lottery Strategies & Lotto Statistics. Over 150 pages of lotto advice from a 3-Time Lotto Winner, including 26 of the world’s best lottery systems.


winning lottery books for Powerball, Megamillions, etc

Powerball Pro – Covers both Pick 5 lotteries and Pick 5 + 1 or 2, like Mega Millions, California Superlotto,  Power Ball USA, New York Take 5, UK Thunderball, Euro Millions, French Lottery, Canadian Pick 7 games, All Fantasy 5 games, All Hot Lotto games, Arkansas 5-39 Lotto, Missouri 5-39 game, New Jersey Cash 5, English Health Lottery, Mexican Chispazo game, Singapore Pick 5 – ANY PICK-5 or PICK-5 + MegaBall, Powerball, Thunderball etc.

(Not suitable for Powerball Australia, as this is now a 6-ball game).


Oz Lotto Book CoverOz Lotto Tips – Exclusively for Pick-7 lotto games – these include Australia’s Oz Lotto, Canadian Pick-7 Lotto games, Scandinavian games, for example Norway 7-34 and Sweden 7-35, Israel Pick 7, Slovenia Lotto 7-39 and Croatia 7-39.





All three of our $1,000,000+ wins have been  Lottery Syndicate / Lotto Club entries – once you pool the combined resources of 20 people, then highly organised winning lottery entries become affordable.  And even when 20 people share the win, it brings a lot of happiness and solves a lot of problems!

We stress that there is NO magic bullet for winning the lottery, just Smart Plays and Dumb Plays.  So – Are You Ready To Learn How To Play Like The Experts?

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