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Winning Saturday Lotto Superdraws is Easy –It’s Making a Profit That’s Difficult.

Free Lotto Report for Saturday Lotto SyndicateThis Free Lotto Report is suitable for any 6-from-45 lottery.  It deals with how many games are required to guarantee 2 or more winning lotto numbers (15 games, and provided free, with instructions on making the numbers uniquely yours)),  3 or more winning lotto numbers (160 games), and  finally 4 or more winning lotto numbers (1325 games).  Given that there are 8,145,060 required to guarantee First Prize, these are great value for money options.

It also sets out how to create a Private Lotto Club / Syndicate to play the 1325 games that guarantee a win of some kind.

You can download your Free Saturday Lotto Report here


Winning Powerball Australia – Getting Serious

Time To Get Serious About Winning Powerball Australia –  Check out the tips and tricks of a 3-Time Lottery Winner

Free Powerball ReportDid you know that it takes 76,767,600 games to guarantee first prize in Powerball Australia.

Bet you didn’t know that it takes just 1,800 games to guarantee some kind of win of some kind! 

While this does not necessarily guarantee a profit, it does guarantee several small wins, while increasing the chances of the big one.

We are using sophisicated mathematics to get 4 or more of the 6 main winning numbers, then relying on luck for the remaining two main numbers; obviously a lot smarter than relying on Lady luck for all 6 main numbers. Plus, 1,800 games allows us to get the Powerball correct 90 times. The 1,800 games deliver all 6 main Powerball numbers at least 250 times, delivering at least 1,500 winning numbers spread over our 1,800 games.

Given the prize structure of Powerball Australia – 8 ways to win – we can usually generate, at worst, a few small wins.  This is a fundamental part of what we do – study the Prize Structure and see how we can tap into it.

So, the cost of playing Powerball Australia is subsidised by regular small wins, while improving the odds of getting all the winning balls together.

You can download your Free Powerball Australia Report here

This Free Lotto Report is suitable for any 6-from-40 lottery – Just ignore the separate Powerball!


Winning Oz Lotto is Easy – It’s Making a Profit That’s Difficult.

Suitable for any Pick 7,  45-ball lottery. Did you know that it takes 45,379,620 games to guarantee first prize in Oz Lotto?  Amazingly, it takes only 505 games to guarantee a win of some kind!

Oz Lotto Syndicate BookOur Lotto System uses highly advanced mathematics to get four of the seven winning numbers, and then relies on Lady luck for the remaining three numbers; this is obviously a lot smarter than relying on Lady luck for all seven numbers.

It also shows you how to guarantee three or more of the winning numbers together in just 118 games. Because we play all 45 numbers at least 18 times, you are guaranteed at least 162 winning numbers, spread over 118 games, and arranged in such a way that three or more of the seven main numbers will be together.

The free system in your download asks, “How many games do we need to play to guarantee TWO or more winning numbers will be together?” The answer, surprisingly, is just 8 games. However, we take this a step further and increase it to 13 games. Why?

Because 13 games of seven numbers equals 91 numbers in total. This allows us to make sure that we have all 45 numbers marked twice, ensuring that we have all nine winning numbers twice. With main and supplementary balls, this guarantees 18 winning numbers spread over 13 games. Isn’t this a much better way to play Oz Lotto than trusting everything to Lady luck?

Again, this uses advanced mathematics to deliver great value for money systems, for both individual and group entries.

You can download your Free Oz Lotto Report here


Winning The Lottery – The Nightmare!

Who would have thought Winning The Lottery would be a Nightmare! Trust me, it can be! True stories of lives ruined by drink and drugs, suicides and even murder!  An example?

Winning the lottery was also a death sentence for Abraham Shakespeare, who won $30 million in 2006, receiving just $17 after taxes. He disappeared just three years after his big win and in 2010 his body was discovered beneath a concrete slab.

To round it out, we give you some hot tips on What To Do If You Do Win The Lottery.  Some are not that obvious, like this one …

17   Avoid inadvertently harming your family and friends. This again is a tip that is often overlooked. If you buy your four children a million dollar house each, make sure that they can afford the upkeep. If one child is earning $30,000 a year and having to support a million-dollar home, something is going to go badly wrong. A better option, for example, might be buying them a $500,000 house and investing $500,000 in trust for them, where they can only access the income generated.

You can download your Free Report here


Another Free Lotto Report – The Best Saturday Lotto Numbers

Best Saturday Lotto NumbersPeople often ask me, “What are the best lotto numbers?”  The truth is that it depends what period of time you look at. So what I do is look at the Saturday Lotto Numbers for 200, 100 and 50 Draws and then analyse which numbers have been consistently good over ALL 3 time periods.

There simply is no Magic Bullet – Otherwise no lottery would ever Jackpot!  But, there are Smart Ways to play the lottery, and Dumb Ways.  Learning how your lottery works, and going with what works most of the time makes sense to me.

For example, winning lotto numbers that include 3 odd numbers and 3 even numbers win around 30 times more often than all odd numbers or all even numbers (Source: Doesn’t it make sense to structure your entry in a way that follows what happens most of the time? You can check out our Free Lotto Report from the download link below and start playing Smart Lotto right now.

Download your Free Lotto Report here.



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