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Free Lotto Report – Best Saturday Lotto Numbers

Every once in a while we offer some Free Lotto System.

To get you started, here is our Free Special Report for Australia’s $22 Mill Superdraw Lottery.  Below is a sample of the Saturday Lotto Numbers for 200, 100 and 50 Draws, up to and including 11 June 2016.  I smile when people ask me, “What are the best lotto numbers?”  The truth is that it depends what period of time you look at. So what I do is that the Saturday Lotto Numbers for 200, 100 and 50 Draws and then look which numbers have been consistently good over ALL 3 time periods.

Saturday Lotto Numbers for $22 Mill Superdraw Lottery:

Best Saturday Lotto Numbers

There simply is no Magic Bullet – Otherwise no lottery would ever Jackpot!  But, there are Smart Ways to play the lottery, and Dumb Ways.  Learning how your lottery works, and going with what works most of the time makes sense to me.

For example, winning lotto numbers that include 3 odd numbers and 3 even numbers win around 30 times more often than all odd numbers or all even numbers (Source: Doesn’t it make sense to structure your entry in a way that follows what happens most of the time? You can check out our Free Lotto Report from the download link below and start playing Smart Lotto right now.

You can download the above numbers chart below, but it is no good knowing the best lotto numbers unless you know a good system to play them.  There are many different arguments about the best way to play the lottery, but at the end of the day it comes down to what your budget can comfortably afford.

That is why our Free Lotto Report recommends two approaches, one for Individual entries and one for Group entries.

Let’s look at the Group entry first.  For Australia’s $22 Mill Superdraw Lottery, one smart approach is to play 5 x System 9’s, covering all 45 numbers. The drawback is that it requires you to play 420 games – which we do NOT recommend for an Individual player, but for a large Group entry, maybe.  This guarantees all 8 winning lotto numbers (6 main numbers + 2 bonus balls)  somewhere in your overall entry, split over 5 sets of 9.

However, 6 x System 8’s, covering all 45 numbers once plus 3 a second time, is a much more cost effective approach.  This requires just 168 games, saving 60% on the cost of playing. However, for us this is still a Group Entry.

For Individuals, your Free special Report includes what I think is the World’s Best Lotto System.  While a full System 8 requires 28 games, we will show you the 4 game entry that has two amazing guarantees!

And remember where those guarantees are coming from …..

Free Lotto Report, $22 Mill Superdraw Lottery

Curious?  Download your Free Lotto Report here – it is just 4 pages long, but priceless!


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