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The Best Way To Play Lotto

The Best Way To Play Lotto without a doubt is Group Lotto entries – Lotto Syndicates as they are called in some parts of the world or Lotto Clubs as they are called in other parts; they should be played in a highly organised fashion using Lotto Systems.

In particular, they should relate to the lotto prize on offer. For example, I only play Lotto Syndicates when the first prize is $20 million or more, with lotto systems where the cost is spread over at least 20 members.  For a specific example, please see our Oz Lotto system here. This guarantees that if we win first prize, each member receives at least $1 million.

There are two kinds of lotto systems you should look at, both of which are highly effective.

The first is what we call the “Must Win lotto Systems.” These guarantee a prize of some kind, although not necessarily first prize. The advantage is that you can guarantee the first four of the six winning numbers – so you are only trusting to Lady luck for the last two numbers. With four of the six winning numbers absolutely guaranteed by a unique mathematical arrangement of ALL lotto numbers, you’re guaranteed a win of some kind.  This type of system has won a prize of some kind EVERY Saturday Superdraw since 1999, although our top prize is “only” Second Prize.

The second is what we call the “Guaranteed Winning Numbers Lotto Systems.” As an example, let’s take our 45 ball, pick-six, Australian lottery. By playing five System Nines, we can actually cover all 45 balls. This guarantees that we have the six main numbers and both supplementary numbers somewhere within our five System Nines. They may not line up, but at least they are all there to start with – and with eight winning numbers spread over five System Nines, there is a good chance of a win of some kind. Using full systems will normally guarantee multiple lotto wins, but usually of minor divisions. Depending on the size of the group, we would normally play several sets of 45 numbers, split into five sets of nine members. These Guaranteed Winning Numbers Lotto Systems have been responsible for all three of our First Prizes.

Both of the above are not really affordable for individual players. For this reason, we play in groups of at least 10 players, and up to 20 players.  For most people, a winner of $1 million makes a significant impact on their lives, and sharing the cost with 19 other people makes it affordable.  We can create systems for individual players, but we highly recommend that you play in a group entry.

Of course, you can create your own lotto systems. The question you need to ask is, do you have the level of expertise and experience that we do? When creating a lotto system, the advanced lotto intelligence that we have at our fingertips allows us to create Lotto Systems for you that incorporate the following features:

  1. Odds & Evens
  2. Highs & Lows
  3. Consecutives
  4. End Numbers
  5. Thirds / Quarters
  6. Width of Line
  7. Ball 1
  8. Ball 2
  9. Ball 3
  10. Ball 4
  11. Ball 5
  12. Ball 6

Our original lotto publication many years ago was entitled “1000 Weeks of Lotto” and analysed the Australian lottery in depth.  Since then, the experience we have gained working with lottery systems that incorporate this lotto analysis has enabled us to win First Prize in the lottery on three different occasions.

Here is the letter we received back in 2006, together with a copy of the winning entry:

NSW Lotteries Winning Lotto Syndicates Letter


This used 50 different System 8’s, covering all 45 lotto numbers at least 8 times;
it used 1,400 games in total, so too expensive for an individual, but with 20 Members
each paying for 70 games, affordable as a Group Entry.

winning the lottery - 50 x Lotto Systems 8's

Our other Lotto First Prizes, plus some minor wins:

winning lotto system proof

So the question is, would you us like to organise your lotto numbers for you – or will you continue using the same tired numbers that rarely win anything?

What does it cost?  Nothing if you do not win!  We work on a “Results Only” basis.  You forward to us 5% of all your winnings, i.e. a 1/20 share in your syndicate if there are 20 members, or a half share if there are 10 members; for anything else 5% of the winning payment. So whatever the size of your syndicate, you send us 5% of all winnings and share the remaining 95% amongst your members. In return we give you a custom set of numbers, optimized to give you the best possible results.

You DO need to have an EXISTING Syndicate.  Tell us how many Members in your Lotto Syndicate / Lotto Club, which lottery you play, your budget per draw, and whether you prefer Must Win lotto Systems or Guaranteed Winning Numbers Lotto Systems.  We can create entries for ANY Lottery Worldwide; turnaround is 5-7 working days (ie, Mon-Fri).

Get on board now with a THREE Time Lottery Winner and learn The Best Way To Play Lotto!

To get started, simply e-mail with details of your existing Syndicate and we’ll get back to you with a no obligation Proposal showing you The Best Way To Play Lotto.



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